Everything starts with a Spark.

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The Power of Play.

Sparkforge Games was created with a simple idea in mind:

We play with the boundaries of what people expect from their entertainment. We take what is expected of a game, of an experience, and we twist it, mess with what you can do with it. Question it. Most importantly, we play with it.

cough, cough WHEEZE AH-hem.

Sorry, got a bit of conceit stuck in my throat. What I mean to say is that we mix generas and do weird stuff with games. Primarily by taking inspiration from some of our favorite games and remixing them into something new. We've mixed board games and escape rooms, social deduction with physical peril, social engagements with fermi estimation, and a hundred people with panicking about aliens. All of our games follow a few core principles:

Games are stories

Narratives come from the interaction of player with each other, themselves, and the game itself. Players are storytellers and listeners at the same time.

Games are Interesting Choices

Good games come from engaging narratives. The hallmark of an engaging narrative is exploring possibility space. And you get that from the choices that the designer makes available to their players.

Games are for Everyone

The most amazing and intricate mechanics mean nothing to a player that never sees it. We make games always with gamers and non-gamers in mind, always looking to expand what the definition of a player is.


For Windows, Mac, and PC Early 2023

This is PartySparkers! Our first and presently only game project, in which we offer 3 of our most crowd-pleasing, party-starting hits with games great for all situations! Play locally or online with 3 to 20 players at once, using your phone as a controller, and a TV, tablet, or laptop as a games master!

Our Discord is a nice place. Come, make friends.

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Our email newsletter is the only way you can keep up with what we're up to. Besides the Discord, that is. I send about one email a month, and keep you updated in regards to all of my games I'm working on.


If you're only going to do one thing to keep track of the game though, definitely join the newsletter. A lot of effort goes into it.

Now Hiring

Help us remind the world how to play: with each other, with the world, and with themselves.
Wait. Hang on. That came out wrong.

Lead Artist

We are looking for a 2D Vector Artist for our Jackbox-style party game! Remote work. You can look forward to clear, constant, and responsive communication, respect and autonomy for your decisions, good design documentation, and making something that will make thousands of people happy. Engagement will be for 2-4 months, half-to-full time work. We are OK if you want to work on other projects at the same time, so long as you can keep the deadlines you set yourself.


We are creating a jubilant party game that is designed to spark a party! We're going to need a big graphics library to pull from for our games, and we need your help to make that happen. We need a wide variety of artstyles to make motion graphics, simple animations, UIs, and flat vector art assets for our games.


  • Body of work required. Applicants without a portfolio available for perusal will be ignored.
  • Applicants that include the word "Avocado" in their email will receive preferential treatment for having visited this website and actually read this.
  • Mastery of Motion/Vector Graphics.
  • Able to hit a variety of styles and iterate quickly.
  • Adept with prompt engineering/AI art tools a plus.
  • Familiarity with Godot or version control systems is a plus.


We may be a small indie studio that is starting their first game, but we believe in fair compensation for good work and do not expect, promote, or permit crunch culture or "working for exposure/revenue share" in lieu of adequate payment. Your creative voice will be heard as you will be essential for helping to make the game artistically possible, and you can expect payment in full and on time as per terms we will sign to before the start of work.

Send your Portfolio to:


Or join our Discord and ask around.


I always have time to talk to interesting people. As long as it's not a form letter, drop me a line.